Sunday, October 30, 2011


     I've been meaning to write about my family's (really my Dad's) passion for Apple computers since Steve Jobs died a couple weeks ago.  So even though this post is late, it's better late than never.
     When Dad brought home our first computer, we were one of the only families on our block that had a Macintosh computer.  But it was the only kind of computer he'd even consider buying.  Dad liked the sleek look, he liked the features, and he really liked the different.  That's what Macs were--different.
     We continued on that streak with more Macs, iMacs, and now Mac Book Pros.  I'll admit to deviating from that Apple lineage twice--once in college for a Macintosh clone and then in law school for a laptop that was a PC.  But I eventually saw the light and came back to all things Apple.
     I don't think Dad even knew how to operate a PC.  So that's saying something Apple.  You hooked one guy and he did a good job getting his family to stay true to you too.

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