Thursday, October 27, 2011


     I own three pairs of rain boots and don't live in a particularly wet climate,  I purchased my first pair, a cheapie, black, short pair, not for rain, but for my first trip to Mardi Gras in an effort to protect my feet while stepping in or trying to avoid stepping in other people's vomit, urine, beer slosh and hurricane juice.  Result--those little black rain boots worked like a charm.  They're oh so easy to clean off.
     The second pair came from London.  Who doesn't buy a pair of hunter green, sleek Marc Jacobs, rain boots with a heel for 75% off in July at Harvey Nichols?  Ummmmmmmm, no one can pass up that fashion deal.  However, I'd like to point out that my sister rolled her eyes at me and gave me the "don't-you-complain-how-heavy-your-bag-is" look when I started to whine about how my shoulder hurt from carrying my precious boots all around Piccadilly Circus.
     My third pair of rain boots are fire engine red and were a Target special.  Literally.  I bought them on sale at Target, mostly because they were cute and red and definitely not because I needed them.
     so who needs three pairs of rain boots, even though she lives in Dallas?  A girl who's Dad loved Paddington bear and told us to always be prepared--contingency plan, he called it.
     Can you tell it's raining here in Dallas today?  I wore my red boots to work--everyone loved them.  And I'm wearing my green ones tonight to go out because they're fancy!

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