Wednesday, October 12, 2011


     As a seasoned dater, a pro if you will (not that I take any pride in that, really I don't), I didn't act like one  the other night.  I had a blind date and agreed to meeting him for dinner.  Worst idea ever.  We met at the restaurant.  I sat down at the bar to join him and wait the 30 minutes for our table--this was a no reservations place, another no-no.
     Why did he pick a fight with me and argue with me during the first 7 minutes of our date?  Well he did.  I should've said "hey, look, this isn't going to work out if we're already fighting so let's scrap dinner," but I felt bad and decided to suffer through the rest of the date.  It just got worse.  Long, uncomfortable silences and me looking around, pretending to be interested in a football game playing on tv.
     The worst part is that I know better.  No dinner dates for the first date!  Always drinks or coffee.  Get in, get out, and be done.

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