Monday, October 17, 2011


     I failed to mention that last week when I started this 21 Day cleanse, food challenge, whatever you want to call it, I also started a month of unlimited suspension training classes or TRX.  Who knew you you could sweat so much in 30 minutes?  I had no idea.
     The classes are only 30 minutes long, which is wonderful for the workout you get.  But the amount of sweat I produce and the pain my muscles feel after each class never ceases to amaze me.  It's super sweaty and it's painful.  Literally ouch.
     TRX is almost as sweaty as the woman I played in tennis this weekend.  Before every one of her serves, even second serves, she had to wipe down.  And I mean a full wipe down, not just wiping her brow.  She was ridiculous.  And on change overs she was panting and heavy breathing like you couldn't imagine.  she took so long on change overs, my partner and I should have started timing her since the rules only allow 2 minutes max.  when my partner asked her, what are you doing over there "primping?" as a joke, she replied, no "I just perspire a lot."
     There's a big difference between perspiring and sweating.  That lady was sweating.  There was no perspiring about it.  She may have wanted to act like a lady or use a ladylike word like perspire, but that's not what she was doing.  And that's not what I'm doing in a TRX class either.  I'm sweating.  Just call it what it is.  Please.

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