Saturday, October 22, 2011


     I bought a white faux fur cape or caplet today.  I don't know much but I do know the following:

1.  I have no where to where this super soft article of clothing.

2.  My sister will hate it, make fun of it, make fun of me, accuse me of having too many real fur items and faux fur items and then will ask when will the insanity end.

3.  I was going for ski bunny chic even though I detest skiing (thanks to that guy I dated who I made the mistake of going skiing with--umm he had a ski house; but who puts a novice (as in never skied before) on a blue run and expects her to be happy about it?  What should have taken 20 to 25 minutes took 3 hours and all I kept doing was flipping him off under my mittens, while he helped me down the mountain with another friend of ours.  Good part to the story, I didn't cry, give up or acquiesce to the ski patrol, I made it down the blue hill that he told me was a green.  What a liar.  Yes, I have some unresolved anger towards that individual.)

4.  I will find somewhere to wear this white fur cape if it's the last thing I do...but probably not tonight, it's still 85 degrees in Dallas!

5.  The next time you see me I will likely be wearing my white furry friend.

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