Wednesday, October 19, 2011


     You've done it, admit it.  You've Google stalked someone.  I just did.  Literally.  A friend of mine texted me yesterday about a great guy she knows an asked if I was single and wanted to be set up.  I said yes I am and sure, why not.  This friend has good taste and I trust her.  But it didn't stop me from looking up the guy.  I Googled him.  To be accurate it should really be called Google stalking.
     Anyway, I (stalked) looked this guy up.  And shortly after I Googled him, he emailed me about meeting out for a date next week.  So the question is, do I act surprised when the topic of where we went to grad school comes up and he tells me where he went, which happens to be the same school I attended?  Or do I admit that I already knew because I'd already searched him before the date?  Quandary.

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