Thursday, October 20, 2011


     I had jury duty this morning in Metro court.  I actually went there with a good attitude hoping to be pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it was a movie I saw, I don't think it was real people, but it could of been...
Anyway, this couple met during jury duty.   And one of the guy's gifts to the girl was their jury duty summonses framed.  Ok, I'm more certain now that it was in a movie.
     Well no such luck.  No tall, dark, handsome stranger in my jury duty.  What I did get was a woman who felt the need to talk on her cell phone all morning while we waited to see if we would be picked.  Isn't there a code she violated?  Some sort of jury room manners?  I think so.  Who wants to hear a one-sided conversation?  Why would you be so rude?  I mean we were all busy doing our own work or reading.  Ok, fine, or trying to take a nap.

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