Friday, October 28, 2011


     Nowadays, many of us put our whole lives on display.  Exhibit A: this blog.  Exhibit B: using social media sites.  Now that’s all well and good when I personally control the content; but when someone posts on my Facebook wall something that I for one consider to be a private message then don’t be mad when I promptly (Ok, I didn’t delete it immediately.  It took a day.  I complained to my sister about it, who suggested I delete it and then went on to explain why she’s not on Facebook.  Did I mention she’s a lot smarter than me?  Well she is.) delete it. 
     I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing or not.  Either way my Indian relatives are very blunt.  Exhibit C: a cousin of mine recently posted a message on my Facebook wall saying something close to the following “it’s nice to see these pictures of you.  But you’re always around other girls.  Never any boys.  When are you going to find someone to marry and settle down?” 
     Excuse me?  Who writes that on someone’s public wall?  Did she think that was a nice message?  I found it rude and a tad embarrassing.  She couldn’t have saved it for an email message or a private Facebook message or not written it at all.  Part of me wanted to retort with a snarky response or write back that I’m a lesbian, which for the record I am not.  Instead, I quietly deleted the post and vented about it in this blog. That’s what I call healthy and controlling my situation. 
     And for anyone who cares, I had a date last night.  To keep it real, I disobeyed the rules of this 21 Day Challenge/Cleanse (praise be to G-d, that I’m on Day 19) and drank alcohol. Two glasses of wine thank you very much.  Plus, I had a date on Tuesday night as well.  So yes there are guys around, they’re just not in my pictures.  I mean who takes a camera on a first or second date—disregard the one on your phone.  You know what I mean.  Imagine taking a picture of all your first dates.  Or all your fifth dates.  Or your twenty third dates (unless it’s a special occasion, costume party, wedding, you get the drift).  It’s just plain weird. 
     So why do you and your girlfriends take pictures at all the events that would be the equivalent of fifth dates if we were with a guy you may ask.  Because we do.  We just do.

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