Sunday, October 9, 2011


     Well it's Sunday, time for mixed doubles again.  This week I received the privilege of playing with a male chauvinist partner.  When he asked me what side I preferred, I said it didn't matter.  He said he's better at forehand, so I assumed he'd play forehand--because we decided he would.  But no, then he proceeded to have a discussion of all the times he's ever played forehand.  And again asked me what side I preferred and which one I was better at.  I couldn't handle another deep conversion about ground stokes so I told him plainly, "I'm pretty good at both."  That shocked him.  
     As we're walking on the court he asks me how I want to play, up or back.  I looked at him and said "the regular way--regular doubles formation."  Then he starts to have another conversation about needing to know what I liked to play better the net or groundstrokes.  Oh dear.  So I told him, "I like playing the net."  But that I typically like to see how the first couple of points go before I decide to rush the net.  
     We FINALLY started to play and I proved how good my strokes were and that I could play net.  My partner was shocked, again and gasped a "wow" when I hit a winner.  And when the lady on our opponents' team started acing him with her serves he couldn't believe a woman could play that well.  
     Guess what homes, we can, and we do.  And you're not that good of a player.  Plus, you're not that good of a guy either.  Team captain, I ask of you please schedule me to play with anyone else on the team.  Anyone else.

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