Saturday, March 24, 2012


     I've never smoked pot or eaten a pot brownie.  And not for anything,  but I've never even tried a cigarette.  Despite all that, I love those Harold and Kumar movies, which are essentially all about pot.  Can you really truly get pot humor if you've never tried weed?  I watched a Very Harold & Kumar Christmas today and found it hilarious.
     I also attended one of Jerry Garcia's last Grateful Dead shows circa 1995 at Soldier Field in Chicago without trying pot.  Looking back that was probably a bad move.  I couldn't get into the trippy, psychedelic images being shown on the screens framing the stage and kept waiting for a Dead song I actually knew, while everyone else seemed to know every song and exactly what the weird, trippy movies were all about.  I did buy a cool tie-dyed shirt with those cute Grateful Dead Bears on it.  That counts for something right?

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