Sunday, March 18, 2012


     I learned a couple of new things yesterday:  FAH means "fine as hell;" a 25 year-old will ask for a 35 year-old's number and won't have a problem with it even if he knows her age; I have no shame in picking up a green plaid hat with a green, yarn pom-pom on top off of the very dirty and beer soaked street and carry it all the way home, telling everyone I'll wash it and it'll be good as new and ready to wear for next year's St. Patty's Day; food fights at parade tailgates are always fun until your friend gets hit in the head with a jumbo sized, pink marshmallow; and sneakers are the best footwear when you're walking up and down Greenville Avenue.  Oh and one last thing, no matter how much sunscreen you wear on an overcast day, you'll still get a sunburn if you don't reapply.

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