Thursday, March 1, 2012


     I'm going to see the band Big Head Todd and the Monsters tonight.  The first time I saw them was during college.  We drove from Ann Arbor to Detroit.  A little group called the Dave Matthew's Band opened for Big Head Todd.  Are you kidding me?  DMB was the opener, and we were more interested in seeing BHT!!
     I'd left my glasses in the car and the girl who drove us to Detroit wouldn't walk back to the car with me so I could fetch them.  So I squinted for most of the concert.  What kind of girl does that?  A spoiled brat from Cincinnati, that's who.  Why be so mean?  Let me see the concert in full vision.  Man alive!
     Anyway, she's the same girl who invited a boy from my high school (who was also at the University of Michigan) to one of her sorority's formals.  It was called a formal.  My high school friend showed up in a tuxedo and none of the other guys did.  She never told him the dress code and then snickered and laughed about him when she got back from the date to all of our dorm hall mates.  Her behavior infuriated me.  What a meanie!  She was so rude to my friend and I had introduced them.  Terrible.

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