Saturday, March 17, 2012


     Happy St. Patty's Day!  I didn't have a green beer today, but I did have several regular hued beers...
Today always reminds me of my Dad and sister, who came to visit me my sophomore year in college on St. Patrick's Day.  Thy stayed at my then boyfriend's apartment (the whole weekend!)--can you imagine?!  Their first night in town, we all went for corn beef and cabbage dinner at a restaurant that served green beer.  Then when I went back to my boyfriend's apartment with them and started to watch TV and just hang out, Dad asked "what are you still doing here?"  Umm, I didn't realize he expected me to leave so soon.  I wasn't going to spend the night.  I just wanted to hang out for some family time and he gave me the boot, so he could stay at my boyfriend's apartment, reading his NYT paper and watching ESPN highlights.  It was a bizarre visit, but one I'll need forget.

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