Monday, March 12, 2012


     Theres's a chance, a slight chance, that Edward Burns is a hair easier on the eyes than Jon Hamm.  Just by a hair.  A really thin hair.  I saw the movie Kids with Friends this weekend and those two incredible looking men were in the movie and on the screen...but not for long enough if you ask me.  At one point during the movie, one of the women characters talks about Ed Burns' character and notes how he's caring, a good cook, good looking, a good dad and all these other amazing attributes and then asks/says did you know there were guys like this in the world.  Umm, no I'm not actually convinced that there are guys like that in the world.  I'm still waiting for Ed or Jon--their characters or them in real life--to leave their wife or partner/girlfriend and come find me at the grocery store, the gym, the tennis court, the mall, happy hour, the laundry room at my apartment complex, the car wash, you know just one of those places I frequent.  What is taking so long?

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