Monday, January 30, 2012


      I couldn't find a pair of socks this morning but I somehow had a pair of knee-hi's in my purse from when I tried on a pair of shoes at Banana Republic this weekend.  So I put those on.  Bad move.  In just the walk from my apartment to my car, the knee-hi's were slipping down my legs.  By the time I made it to my office they war around my ankles.  Not a nice look.  And not a particularly good feeling either.
     I had to get resourceful, which reminded me of my maternal grandfather.  For some reason he too had loose socks and when he didn't wear sock garters for men he'd improvise and use rubber bands to keep his socks up.  "Just roll 'em right up your leg, he'd told me and then fold your sock down over the rubber band a bit--no one will ever know."  For the record, my grandpa grew up during the Great Depression.  His wife, my grandma, told us how she never had that many toys growing up and that she would use shoe boxes as cradles and cribs for her baby doll.  She'd poke a hole through the shoe box, knot a string through it and then drag her doll around in it's "crib" by pulling the shoebox by the string.  (My sister and I mimicked this behavior for one of our stuffed animals.  Yes, stuffed yellow dogs with plastic eyes need cribs too.)
     Anyway, back to the sock garters.  I don't have a pair (I hope this point is obvious) and so I had to use rubber bands today to keep my socks up.  Shhh, don't tell.  Now, I'm pretty sure my grandpa would have kept those socks and use rubber bands to keep them up the next time he wore them.  Very economical.  Me--I trashed those poorly elasticized knee hi's the minute I got home.  What time is it?  Time for some sock shopping.

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