Monday, January 2, 2012

DAY 159: A BUCK 50

     When I was younger and I saw ads on TV for car payments as low as $299, I'd hear that to mean the car cost $2.99.  I'd run and tell my parents I'd found them a great deal.  They'd smile and continue to read the New York Times or do whatever they happened to be doing.
     The young daughter character in the movie We Bought a Zoo did the same thing.  When calculating the bill for maintenance at their zoo an employee tells the Matt Damon father character it will cost "a buck fifty."  The daughter questions: "A dollar and fifty cents?  I have that in my piggy bank."  Awwww, to be young again.
     I also used to think that those Don't Drink and Drive signs meant Dad couldn't drink his can of A&W root beer while he drove our family station wagon...

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