Saturday, January 14, 2012


     I'm pretty sure I just saw a couple waiting beside their car outside of a Target looking at a small white stick.  The looks on their faces were pained and it seemed as if they were waiting for something to happen--for something to happen to the stick.  Presumably they were looking at a pregnancy test.
     I wasn't that surprised.  It's nothing I haven't seen before.  You see I used to work at Target.  The summer between high school and college I worked at a Target store in Albuquerque as the telephone operator and fitting room attendant.  As the operator I got to sit in the fitting room and simultaneously answer the phone, say "Target on Montgomery, may I help you?" and check people in and out of the fitting room.  My sister loves how for one of the summer back-to-school promotions I'd give out coupons for a free bag of popcorn at the Target snack bar if a customer tried on a pair of jeans.  I had a to wear a t-shirt that said "try on any denim and get a free bag of popcorn."
     Anyway, being the fitting room attendant meant I also had to clean the fitting room.  The Target customers in my home town did some interesting things in the fitting rooms.  At different times during my tenure at Target I found: a plastic cd case cut open with blood all over it--someone had used a pocket knife or no knife to jimmy out the cd and cut him or herself in the process--I had to get the first aid kit and put on latex gloves to clean up that bloody mess; several stolen, half eaten snack items; stolen box of condoms with the condoms missing; and the most disgusting thing was a USED pregnancy test.  The woman who'd taken the test off the shelf decided not to go to the rest room to take the test.  Instead she urinated on the white stick in the fitting room.  Oh and she took the test with her, but left the pregnancy test wrapper and a wet spot for me to deal with--that's when I called maintenance.  I mean really, cleaning up used pregnancy tests wasn't in the Target On-Stage job responsibilities manual.  Give me a break.

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