Tuesday, January 10, 2012


     My company caters in lunch for us every day.  Yes, it's amazing.  In addition to lunch it provides snacks of all kinds: chips, pretzels, cereal bars, 100 calorie packs, candy, mixed nuts, soda, gatorade, juice and fruit.  Those snacks are there all the time.  It's like a 24/7 convenience store.
     People go nuts for the fruit.  We usually get apples and oranges, mostly Cuties.  And when there's fruit in the kitchen you'd better grab it quick.  Take a couple of pieces of fruit or you won't be able to get any in 13 minutes let alone in an hour.
     Anyway, those Cuties remind me of my father and sister.  The two of them used to sit on the floor of our family room and peel those mandarin oranges as they watched NBA basketball games.  When I think of those two that's one of my most vivid memories.  They got along so well when they were watching sports and eating oranges.  It's such a random thing to remember, but it's all I can think of tonight while the Mavericks play the Pistons.  (And how I used to love Dennis Rodman when he played for the Pistons and the Bulls.  Seriously I loved that guy.)

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