Thursday, January 12, 2012


     I've got to hand it to Chrysler, its slogan "Imported from Detroit" is genius.  I spent four years in the great state of Michigan for college and we only drove to Detroit from Ann Arbor once in a great while.  It was far, it was dirty, it had boarded up stores and there was smoke literally coming out of the pot holes.  But that slogan and those Chrysler cars driving down the road make me want to go to Detroit.
     I've been to Detroit to attend concerts.  I've gone to the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum to see the Diego Rivera murals of industry and technology.  I've driven past the Joe Louis fist and arm.  I've gone out in Detroit at the Motor Lounge and danced my ass off with my college friends.  And I've driven through Detroit (I think) on the way to Windsor, Canada to go drinking.  I'm not really sure on that last one.  I never drove to Windsor, I was a back seat passenger, eager to get to Windsor where the drinking age was 19, so my roommate--who was younger than the rest of us--could finally buy a legal drink, could finally be happy and would finally shut up.

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