Tuesday, January 24, 2012


     Because none of my friends would do it and because I was curious, I went to the website I'd read about in Elle magazine, called Tawkify.com.  I input some information, received a call from a robot and then filled out some more information.  I then received message that a guy, a match, would call me.  
     Well, well, well, I received no such call.  Instead I received the following email.  My response to it would be one word--typical.  And I should add--they always want your money.

My dear Miss XXXXXX,
 This is heinous! Horrible!  Practically
a catastrophe!

But . . . Alas, it is your own darn fault that I can’t
IMMEDIATELY find a wonderful match for you.

You are too accomplished, too beautiful, too witty,
too interesting!  I don’t have a chap worthy of you.
(We have some extremely charming fellows,
just not right for you.  Trust me.)

Look forward to matching you soonest!  And, of course,
it would help if you paid for a match.

Ravishing regards,
E. Jean

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  1. haha bummer! i was holding out hope for this one!