Sunday, January 15, 2012


     An old boss of mine was at a Brooks Brothers store a couple of years ago.  Brooks Brothers was open early and customers could save an extra 30% or maybe it was 50% if they purchased their items before 9am.  My then boss waited his turn in the checkout line while an older gentleman checked out.  He heard the salesman say to that man: "It's always a pleasure to see you Mr. Perot, we'll have those suits shipped directly to your house."
     The older man thanked the salesman and walked out of the store before 9am, saving the additional percentage off his suits and blazers.  That older man was Ross Perot.  And that's how rich people stay rich, they too take advantage of sales and coupons.  Ross Perot surely didn't need that extra percentage off his clothes that morning, but he made a special trip to Brooks Brothers to ensure he received it.  This is a lesson we should all be happy to learn.  If Ross Perot does it, then I have no qualms using my Groupons, my newspaper clipped coupons and the coupons I print off the internet.

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