Sunday, April 29, 2012


     Last night my friend and I went to Korean Town for a birthday party.  We started with dinner at a Korean bar-b-que place and ended at a Korean karaoke place.  We knew it's be a long drive to get there, so we took a cab.  We take this kind of stuff very seriously.
     As soon as we got to the restaurant the drinking began.  I ordered a bottle (yes a bottle) of Korean black raspberry wine.  It had a 15% alcohol volume.  Then I ordered a second bottle.  This wine is like port and is poured into small shot like glasses.  I kept purring myself a shot of raspberry wine about every 5 minutes.  At karaoke, I moved on to vodka--it really helps with the singing.  If you've never been to a Korean karaoke place, I highly recommend it.  You and your friends get your own room.  Ours had nice couches and T.V.s on each wall.  The place provided several song selection books and three remotes.  You select your song while sitting on the couch.  There's no line or slips of paper or some guy in charge of selecting the songs.  you and your friends are in charge.  It was awesome.  So much fun.  We had such good time that we ending up having to go through the McDonald's drive thru at 2 a.m.  Now that's a good night.

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