Wednesday, April 11, 2012


     The Texts from Hillary made me laugh so hard today.  Check them out for yourselves: The crafted exchanges between her and Romney; her and Congressman Weiner; and her and John Stewart are classic. 
     But the one that really made me laugh was the text from her husband Bill.  It reads:  “Hey Mon,” as in Monica Lewinsky.  Hillary responds: “This is Hillary.”  I share the same name with that infamous intern and only friends and family (loved ones if you will) get to call me Mon.  I bet Bill got to call Ms. Lewinsky Mon and for some reason that had me in stiches.  When that whole scandal blew up, I heard about these support groups people formed because having the same name as that intern was making people depressed. Really?!  Lighten up.  You just have the same name as her.  You weren’t in the oval office with him like she was and then had your whole affair investigated by a specially appointed counsel and then broadcast on national television.  If you needed a support group for being as tangentially involved to that whole mess as having the same name, then I’m at a loss.

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