Tuesday, April 17, 2012


     I got lost on my way to work this morning, which means a variety of things.  First, I wasn’t paying attention.  Second, I should really pay to get the maps updated on my piece of crap, ancient GPS.  Third, who gets lost on her way to work?—a place she goes every day, like clockwork.
     Like an idiot, I exited the highway one exit too early.  I have no idea why I did this (told you not paying attention).  Usually this wouldn’t present a problem.  But it does when that exit is blocked and there are signs re-routing drivers on some detour that wouldn’t allow me to get back on the highway…even just to get to the next exit (the one I needed may I remind you).  Since I couldn’t get back to the highway, I turned on my GPS.  The problem with that was my GPS kept rerouting me back to the normal way it had mapped out, not taking into consideration the construction and detour. 
     If I had one of those new GPS devices with lifetime maps, current traffic conditions and all the bells and whistles, I wouldn’t have been cursing at myself at the top of my lungs and I wouldn’t have been late to work.  And no I don’t have an iPhone.  Yes, I know iPhones have GPS applications on them.  And yes, I am highly aware that I am still living in the twentieth century or some half floor or half century in-between the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries.  But I am going to get one of those fancy phones when I get my next upgrade from Verizon in September. 

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