Wednesday, April 18, 2012


     Here's a list of things (that have happened to me) that should not be happening in a 6am spin class:

     1.  The person on the bike next to me shouldn't have such rank breath that I can smell it while I'm in the saddle of my own bike (minding my own business--I don't talk to anyone, it's 6am for goodness sake).  Is it that hard to brush your teeth before you head to the gym?  I know it's early, but let me remind you that the gym also provides mouth wash in the locker rooms--please use some, one swish will do.  I am not into halitosis.

     2.  The instructor's music should not be so loud that I need ear plugs.  This is exercise time.  This isn't a heavy metal concert, or is it?

     3.  The guy on the bike next to me should not be sweating so profusly that I can feel his sweat splattering on me.  Come on!  Use that towel the gym provides, use ten towels, I could care less if it seems wasteful, just use one, and use it often.

     4.  One shouldn't have to wake up at 4am, 48 hours before the scheduled class to sign up for a bike.  What is going on in that class that it books up immediately?  Is the instructor getting naked up there?  I want to know and I can't see from the cheap seats, I mean bikes in the back.  (For the record I refuse to wake up this early.  The gym does save 10 bikes in the back for people; so I try to get one of these saved bikes on the actual day of the class, 5 minutes before it starts--this practice is not always successful.)  I do know the 6am spin class is a meeting place for gay men at my gym.  It seems a couple gay guys have met boyfriends there and that's why it's so popular.  What about the single ladies?  There's no prime real estate left for male eligible heterosexual bike riders to join the class.  Very disappointing.

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