Friday, April 13, 2012


  I have some friends that are real sticklers about grammar.  I get annoyed by it, but usually let it go since I myself forget to spell check.  Plus, my sentence structure isn't always proper--I know that, I'm doing it on purpose as part of my own writing style.  However, these mistakes really chap my hide when someone’s just met me and (1) is (I’m assuming) trying to make a good impression or (2) doesn't even know he doesn't have a command of the English language. 
     I met someone who called me and then immediately after leaving a voicemail sent me a text message; a text message rife with grammatical errors.  I know it’s hard to get them all straight.  But there is a difference between you, you're and your; it’s and its; and they’re, their and there (I’m truly surprised I have to mention this one, but hey, what can you do?).  So when a text begins “hi their” I cringe.  Where and when would that ever be right?  Never.  Never ever.  My friends said maybe spell check missed it or he was in a rush.  Well if you’re in a rush to send a message to someone you want to hear from again, then I’d proof read.  Or to avoid this entire situation, my advice: stop while you’re ahead.  Leave a voicemail and wait.  Don’t send an immediate text reiterating what you just said in your voicemail; because that partially incoherent text was the kiss of death for me. 
     And while we’re on the topic, when I send a message with the word “stalking” in the message (I was making a point about Google stalking) don’t respond to that message referring to it as Google “stocking.”  I mean really, that was a gimmie.  I just gave you the word and spelled it for you.  How on earth and why on earth did you spell it wrong?  Apparently you also weren’t paying attention or thought I was talking about panty hose that I looked up on Google; which for the record I was not.

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