Tuesday, April 24, 2012


     Man, I’ve been making the rounds lately to talks and speeches.  Tonight I saw a panel of the male actors on the show Modern Family.  That show is in my top 5 (of shows currently on the air).  It’s well written and the actors are hilarious.  And those guys live did not disappoint!
     Funny thing is one of them; the actor who plays Mitchell grew up in my hometown of Albuquerque and acted in plays at the Albuquerque Little Theater.  I might have seen that redhead when I was little.  Small world.  Who said the Burque doesn’t develop actors or have anything going for it?  (You know that t-shirt that reads: “New Mexico Cleaner than Old Mexico.” My sister and I think this t-shirt is hilarious.  My sister had planned on buying it, but when she went to visit business schools a group of Latino students was staging a protest and protesting that exact shirt!  And what do you think happened next?  She didn’t buy the shirt.)  Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Neil Patrick Harris both attended high school in Albuquerque with my first grade friend.  And there’s your random factoid of the day.

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