Monday, April 23, 2012


     I think guys are way more into pictures than girls are...or the guys I’ve met recently are getting accustomed to using their phones as photo albums to show girls all their pictures.  It’s a pretty good prop if the conversation hits a lull. 
     The problem is how many pictures are too many?  One or two pictures of your niece or dog—that’s fine; over fifty pictures of your recent vacation—that might be a tad too many.  I went on first date recently and the guy showed me so many vacation pictures I started to get bored.  Yes, the Ice Hotel is cool.  But every single picture you took while in Sweden while you were at the hotel and not at the hotel made me start to think that we might not have that much to talk about if you hadn’t had all those pictures with you.  (Turns out I didn’t even need to worry about that, since I never heard from that guy again.  Hmm, maybe he caught on to my lacking interest—but it was related to the photos only not to him or the date in general.  Who knows?  What can you do?) 
     Don’t get me wrong, girls take a ton of photos too.  Who doesn’t nowadays when you have a camera phone at your fingertips every single second of the day?  I’m proud to say I actually print my photos and put them in albums or frames.  I try not to let them exist only online or on a cloud. 

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