Monday, February 27, 2012


     On one occasion, when I was young and my sister and I accompanied my mom to the grocery store, nuns followed us out of store and to our car.  I remember loving going to Smith's and Albertson's.  We'd pass by the bakery and we'd each get a free cookie.  I'd usually choose an M&M one and my sister got a sugar cookie that'd been dyed green, pink or orange.  We never fought or misbehaved--we had cookies and and that was enough to keep us in check--that smart mommy taking us to the bakery case first to bribe us with sugar...
     Anyway, back to the nuns.  The nuns, in full habits, chased after Mom to tell her how well my sister and I behaved while she shopped.  That compliment made Mom’s day and she treasured it as one of her crowning achievements—if two nuns had noticed what a good job she, a Jewish woman did, then she must be doing something right. 

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