Friday, February 17, 2012


     You know you're into some pretty freaky stuff when you send a picture of your feet to some dude.  Don't get excited or enraged, it's not as x-rated or foot fetishy as you think.  I keep a pair of slippers under my desk at work.  You know in case my feet hurt in the heels I wear or my ballet flats start rubbing my heels and I want to stave off a blister or if I just want to get comfy at work--hey, I am there 8 plus hours a day!
      This guy didn't believe I actually wear slippers at work.  So to prove it, I took a picture of my feet while I was wearing the slippers and texted it to him.  That's the weird part.  The fashion forward, more edgy, but not even close to x-rated part is that I was wearing flesh colored fishnet tights that day.  And when he got the text, he laughed about my slippers and commented on the fishnets...duh.

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