Sunday, February 5, 2012

DAY 193: WU WU

     I know this should be a post about the Super Bowl.  But it's not.  I'm not really into the game except for the girly things about it, like Madonna performing at the half time show, the commercials and the food spread at any party I attend.  I'm rooting for Tom Brady's team--its playing right?--because he went to my alma mater, the University of Michigan, and it's only the right thing to do to cheer on a fellow Wolverine.
     This post is about the Jason Wu designer collection at Target.  It opened today.  I went to Target at 8am, when the store opened, well a little bit after 8am, like five minutes after eight and half of the collection was gone.  I saw one woman with almost every single item from the racks in her arms.  Really?  Really, you're going to wear that dress in every single size the store clerks put out?  Please.  We know you sell that shit on ebay.
     Oh and I looked online too.  Most of the stuff was sold out online or wasn't ever sold online.  This wasn't as bad as the Missoni collection for Target that crashed the website (twice I think) and had women stealing stuff out of each other's carts and ripping items out of each other's hands in the actual stores.  I guess there's not as big a woooo for Wu as there was for Missoni.  I get it.
     And who are you people trying on every single Wu item in the fitting room?  The line for the fitting room was ridiculous.  I wish they had alumni Target benefits--my time answering the phone in the fitting room would have been well served if I'd been able to cut the line this morning or get first dibs on all the stuff that was being sent back to the floor.  But alas there are no such thing as alumni Target perks.
     I snagged a couple of Wu items.  And I'll be trying them on in the middle of my living room with my DVR recorded episode of 30 Rock playing in the background.  Don't you think that if First Lady Michelle Obama wore a Jason Wu gown to the Inaugural Ball, then I should be wearing Wu to work.  I mean it only seems natural, not to mention fair.  Ok, maybe not fair, but right.  Go Wu.

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