Sunday, February 26, 2012


     I’m going to the USA Film Festival Oscar Night America Party tonight.  Attire is cocktail or pjs.  My friend and I opted for pjs, but with big jewelry and possibly a tiara or two (not two on my head, two, as in, one for each of us).  My friend wanted us to go get up-dos for the party too.  I ix-neiged that idea—just because it seemed like too much of an effort and expense if I was going to be wearing my leopard print pajamas with the up-do.  You know?
     So now the fashion dilemma is footwear.  Do we wear our slippers out of the house?  Remember I won’t wear my Ugg brand slippers in public.  What about those slippers I swiped from the Spa I went to?  Hmm.  Sneakers?  No, those just seem wrong.  High heels?  No, that seems way too uncomfortable to be paired with pjs.  Huh, ballet flats?  That might be the ultimate winner.  Take that Fashion Police!  That means you Joan Rivers and the Joan Rangers.  I’ll take my red carpet moment anyway I can get it. 

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