Thursday, February 9, 2012


     Last night I took my first trip of the my company's plane.  And since the last time I flew in its plane, which was also my first time in a private plane, the company has upgraded to a bigger plane.  This is only one of the reasons I love my job.
     There is nothing as cool as walking the short distance from the FBO (fixed-base operator) to the plane.  In my mind, the song that played in the movie trailer for the Hangover--Live your Life by T.I. featuring Rhianna--was playing as us three passengers walked to the plane this afternoon.  I thought I was such hot stuff today with that soundtrack in my head, until I got real.
     First, I forgot my sunglasses.  Who, I ask, forgets sunglasses for a trip to Florida?  This idiot (meaning me).  So I wasn't as cool as I thought because I was squinting as I walked to the plane with my soundtrack on silent.  No Rhianna song is playing with you walking in slow motion (that cool movie slow motion that makes everyone look totally bad ass) towards a plane if you're squinting, it's just not...ever.  Second, I was wearing work clothes and not some hot new dress and killer heels.  Third, my travel size deodorant was all dried up this morning, so I effectively had no deodorant on today.  All day.  And I had done some pretty intense work this morning that had caused stress and perspiration.  Not to mention it's 80 degrees in Florida and I had left Dallas last night with a winter coat since it was 40 degrees.  While I don't think I smelled, I surely didn't smell my best.
     So in closing, I lived an extraordinary good life last night and today in terms of my travel.  But my forgetful, nerdy self pushed me right back into ordinary.  Oh and one more thing, if you ever have the occasion to fly private, always, always always opt to valet your car when you arrive at the private airport/FBO.  Why?  Because when the plane lands and you deplane, your car is waiting right there for you, less than 20 feet away.  Seriously.  I did not valet and had to go searching for my car like a commoner, while my boss and the other traveler, the real cool ones, waved at me and got right into their waiting cars.  Man alive!  I really need to get it together!

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