Friday, February 10, 2012


     Yesterday, I heard the author of the book the Happiness Project speak to a group called Inspiring Professional Women.  The fact that she’s an author and has published a book is awesome.  What’s even more awesome to me was that she clerked for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.  Everyone kept asking her questions about her book and what advice she had for them to have happier lives.  All I cared about was if she still kept in touch with Justice O’Connor, but I didn’t raise my hand to ask.  I clerked for a judge, not a Supreme Court justice but a federal judge nonetheless and I still keep in touch with him.  In fact, I had dinner with him and his wife last week and my clerkship ended nine years ago.  So I was only curious if that speaker still gets together for dinners with Sandra.  Wouldn’t you be curious? 

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