Thursday, May 24, 2012


     I’m going to see the musical Memphis tonight.  I’m hoping the show is better than the experience I had in the actual city of Memphis.  First, it was freezing cold when I went there in March—as in snowing cold.  I had to wear earmuffs to Graceland.  Second, my friend and I got into a fight, which led to screaming on Beale Street and not in a good or fun way (for the record my friend was screaming at me, not vice versa, while drunk strangers walked by staring at and feeling sorry for me—I could see the pity in their eyes).  Third, blisters.  I got a big one and then made the excellent choice of popping it (more like cutting it).  And then there was blood. 
     If any of that takes place in the show before intermission, I reserve the right of walk out of the theater.  I don’t think any of that will happen since I heard Memphis is a love story.  But you just never know.

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