Thursday, May 17, 2012


     Do you have self-imposed dress codes?  For example, when I was growing up and my family traveled by plane, we all had to wear nice clothes.  Basically we’d wear the same clothes that we’d wear to Friday night services, which meant my mom, sister and I wore dresses and my dad wore a suit. 
     Of course there was always the first day of school, which I thought meant you always had to wear something brand new (it’s not really the first day of school unless you’re cutting the tags off of a new article of clothing, right?). 
     Then there’s meeting someone’s parents.  For me, no matter if it’s one of my girlfriend’s parents or some guy I’m dating’s parents, I always try to wear a dress or a skirt and a top.  I want to be seen as and remembered as a lady.    
     And interviews, for me it’s a suit, always a suit—hey, I’m a lawyer, that’s how we roll.  But here in Texas if you’re a woman, you’d better wear a skirt suit and no bare legs.  Seriously.  Even if you never ever intend to wear pantyhose to work, you’d still better wear them to the interview under your skirt. 

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