Friday, May 11, 2012


     According to my father the dentist—scratch that, my dad was an aircraft engineer, he never went near anyone’s teeth.  Let’s try again, according to my father the engineer, who knew little to nothing about mouths or teeth, swore that people who had gold fillings had bad breath.  It was an equation of sorts for him: if you had a gold filling you probably had bad breath.  Gold filling = bad breath (all the time).
     I had dinner with a dentist the other night and I mentioned my dad’s theory to him.  He looked at me like I was pretty much crazy and that my dad was probably an even bigger nut job.  The dentist assured (he literally used the word “assure”) me that gold fillings don’t cause bad breath.  He went on to say that gold fillings are stronger than porcelain ones; porcelain ones are always chipping and breaking.  He said that precious metal fillings tend to last longer and that you can always ask for precious metal underneath your porcelain crown. 
     “But what about the bad breath?” I urged.  The dentist wouldn’t give in or even placate me or my dad’s crazy philosophy.   Even though I really, truly want to believe the dentist—he is a trained professional, who even learned how to cast his own gold crowns in dental school—I’m unable to think my dad was wrong on this one.  So I’m going to have to go with my gut…did I mention my ex-step monster had gold crowns?  Exactly.  Or rather smelly.   

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