Friday, May 4, 2012


     Bend over and brace yourself.  I had to hear that yesterday when I got a shot in my tush--right cheek if you wanted to know the exact location.  My allergies are terrible.  I have a sinus infection.  My doctor said the infection had gotten so bad that an injection, I think it was a steroid shot, would make me fell better faster, along with the antibiotics and decongestant she'd prescribed. She was right.  I started to feel better even though I'm still stopped up, feel achy and have a headache.
     But I'd like to point out this always happens before some big event or party I'm throwing.  Tomorrow I'm co-hosting a Kentucky Derby Party.  Before my 30th Birthday Party, I had to get two steroid shots and go on antibiotics because of a sinus infection.  Enough already.  What's going on up in there in my nose, ears and head or out there in the Dallas weather?

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