Wednesday, May 23, 2012


     I have high cholesterol.  It's a fact.  It's also hereditary.  The results of my annual blood work came in today and my cholesterol is worse than I thought it would be.  Much worse.
     The first time I had my cholesterol checked was during college.  My numbers were as high as my dad's, and he'd just had a triple bypass.  (For the record, today's results weren't that high.  But they're close.)  To turn those test results around, I decided to stop eating red meat and cheese.  My cholesterol went down and I lost 10 pounds.  In fact, my cholesterol lowered so much that my doctor said it looked like I used to be a smoker and had stopped smoking (and I'd never even smoked a cigarette, still haven't thank you very much).
     My doctor has never wanted to put me on cholesterol medication because I'm of "childbearing years." So I've always just controlled it with diet.  Apparently, my "control" hasn't been so good lately, because we (and by we I mean I) are definitely in the red.  Deep red.  I need to get it together.  I think I'll go make myself feel better by eating a grilled cheese sandwich and thinking about how I'll change my diet.  Yeah that'll work.  Now you see why I have a problem.

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