Tuesday, May 22, 2012


     I love going grocery shopping when the grocery store isn't crowded.  I especially love shopping at Central Market.  On a Tuesday night there's no line to buy poultry or fish, all the free samples still sit in their pretty and unwrinkled wax paper doilies, and no one is crowding up the bulk aisles...except that little kid and her mom.
     I swear, every aisle I went down or end cap I went to look at or take a sample from tonight was already occupied by this little girl and her mom.  So then I end up looking like a goober waiting to try some French bread or to weigh my apples on the scale.  And yes, I'm highly aware that even getting excited about and wanting to try all the samples at the grocery makes me a goober, but hey I'm ok with that.  I was not ok with waiting for that little girl and her mom to try everything right before me.  And that's the problem with going to the grocery store hungry or in my case right before dinner.

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