Thursday, May 10, 2012


     My streak of good karma has officially started.  Tonight I'm running a 5K.  It's the first race I've run since that stupid Spartan Race where I fell and hurt my elbow.  Wish me luck.  If I fall on the mud less ground while it's not raining, then I have some serious balance problems that we'll need to look into.
     More importantly, there's a party after tonight's 5K with lots of food booths and music (why else do you think I signed up for this dreaded race?).  But one needs a bracelet to get into the food tent party.  In my packet for the race, along with my race t-shirt and a couple of freebies, were TWO bracelets to the food tent party.  I mean is that the start of some good karma or what?!  I realize this isn't the biggest deal but it's the little things that count, or least add up, so I'm starting to count them.  I gave that extra bracelet away to someone who can't run but will come to the food party. 

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