Saturday, December 31, 2011


     Goodbye 2011, hello 2012.  My top 10 from the last year:

1.  Winning first place in the Nonfiction Category of Writers' League of Texas Manuscript Contest and flying down to Austin to meet with a literary agent 

2.  Taking a micro cassette recorder to India to record my grandma telling stories

3.  Going to Lake Austin Spa with my sister

4.  Getting an awesome new job...and still liking it months later

5.  Seeing President Obama speak live in D.C.

6.  Running the Warrior Dash and finishing it, not like the Spartan Race where I fell

7.  My Mr. Peanut Costume care of my good friend

8.  Getting back in touch with long time Albuquerque friend

9.  It's a toss up between flying on the company jet and getting to go see 3 Cowboys games in the company suite, which is on the field

10.  Going to Graceland and finally seeing what all the fuss about the Jungle Room is--for the record you don't actually get to step on the green shag carpet, it's roped off    

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