Sunday, December 4, 2011


     There are certain things you really need your elbow for and not being able to bend it presents a problem. Example A--combing my hair.  I can't do my hair, it hurts too bad.  I'd planned to go to the museum today and have my friend come over and do my hair before we left, but I got too nauseous and dizzy from the pain meds to go to the museum.  Result--hair not done and half a bottle of Pepto done.  Example B--brushing my teeth with my right hand just isn't possible right now.  Brushing one's teeth requires a bent elbow and I can't do that.  So I'm getting a marginally good brushing by using my left hand to it.  But I don't think my dentist would be that happy with my lack of ambidextrous skills.  I'd write down some more examples, but I'm just too tired right now.

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