Tuesday, December 27, 2011


     I heard from my First Grade Friend today and got a picture text too.  Her three year old daughter who I've met once (and who my sister met at the same time), a month ago at Thanksgiving, made paper dolls today.  She colored the first paper doll's dress blue and named her.  The name she gave the paper doll--my sister's name.  My First Grade Friend asked why did you name the doll that and her daughter replied "because that's the name of mommy's friend from school."
     We'll I'll admit, my sister was at school with me and my First Grade Friend, but not when we were in first grade.  She came to our elementary 3 years later.  I shouldn't be jealous that I didn't get a paper doll named after me, it's so nice and such a good story and what a good memory for a 3 year old who just met us to remember our names (or one of our names).  So I'm holding out for the next time my First Grade Friend cuts out paper dolls with her daughter.  And I'm crossing my fingers that I get a namesake too.

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