Monday, December 26, 2011


     Laser hair removal.  I may never have to shave my legs again thanks to that $99 Groupon or Urbandealight voucher I purchased.  I know this sounds like a paid advertisement but that $99 was the best money I've ever spent.  I got 6 sessions, which turns out to be only $16.50 per session.  After the first laser hair removal session, I was amazed.  It really worked.  Really.
     Now we all know how waxing, shaving cream and razors can start to add up...over a lifetime, so this laser hair removal experiment was a well worth the investment.  Especially since I used to barter and trade babysitting time with a local esthetician in Albuquerque.  And you thought your high school days were strange.  My then step-monster took me to get my legs waxed when I was 15 or 16.  I felt so happy to leave with such smooth legs--it was way better than shaving.  The leg waxing lady felt for me since I had thick, dark leg hair.  So she made a deal with me--I'd baby sit her daughter in exchange for leg waxes.  Our bartering lasted until I graduated high school.
     In college I didn't have that kind of business opportunity, so it was back to the razors and balancing on one leg in the Markley dormitory shower to shave my legs with a can of women's shaving cream.  But once I graduated out of dorm life and into apartment living in Ann Arbor I started buying microwavable wax and waxed my own legs in my living room.
     The thing with waxing is, it doesn't last forever.  The hair grows back.  It always grows back.  Plus, the in-between stage is no party, it's itchy and prickly and not pretty to look at.  That's what made me buy that $99 deal.  Bring on the lasers, I can't wait until I don't have to waste anymore time or money on razors, wax or other depilatories.  Yes!

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