Friday, December 2, 2011


     While concentrating on picking out the green ones from my mini box of Dots at work the other day, I dropped the whole box.  My work is not a place where the 5 second rule would ever apply.  So I headed back to the candy drawer (We literally have a filing cabinet full of candy.  And I just found out the candy drawer has its own secret stash of candy in a side filing cabinet.  I work with some serious sugar eaters…) as someone shouted “re-do” behind me.  Yes, that dropped box of Dots most definitely called for a re-do.
     I experienced another Dots episode in my life; well really, my sister did.  I was just an innocent bystander.  Years ago Dad took us to go see the musical Me and My Girl in New York at the theater attached to the Marriot hotel.  At the concession stand before the show, my sister chose a box of Dots as her candy.  Before the actors made it to intermission my sister started choking.  This wasn’t fake choking or anything to laugh about and Dad knew it.  He scooped my sister out of her seat and ran into the theater’s foyer.  Thankfully and for whatever reason a NYC fireman happened to be in the theater and saw my near blue-faced sister.  The fireman rushed over and had to give my sister the Heimlich maneuver.  Out of her mouth popped a Dot. 
     This story would be so much better if my sister had choked on a green Dot.  But I don’t recall the color of the projectile gummy candy my sister hurled across the lobby of the Marquis Theater—it was probably red or yellow.  I just know we had to teach her the universal sign for choking after this incident and that a Dot wasn’t the last thing she choked on.

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