Sunday, November 27, 2011


     Sitting on the plane flying back to Dallas this morning, I overheard two college girls talking.  They talked a lot about rushing sororities and Greek life.  Then they started talking about shopping and clothes.  I realized how big the age gap was between us when one of them said that she initially thought the store J Crew sold "Mom clothes."
     Mom clothes!  I shop there and I'm not a mom.  I'm no where near being a mom.  I started to panic.  But then the girl who made that blanket statement retracted it.  She used to think it was a Mom store but then she went there and saw some other girls at her school wearing J Crew clothes and they looked cute and nice.
     Well, phew, glad we got that issue solved.  I'm really not ready to give up shopping at J Crew.  I didn't think it was like Chico's, which is the store I consider to be a "Mom store."

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