Saturday, November 12, 2011


     I just got home from fighting in the Tomato Battle-- a huge food fight with tomatoes.  I'd like to report that the Tomato Battle's website wasn't entirely accurate.  The tomatoes weren't overripe and too mushy to be sold in the store and none of them had been peeled.  Instead they weren't ripe at all and some were still green.  In fact, the facility manager for the park where the battle took place told us that 2 pallets of tomatoes had to be removed because they were green.  Green as in unripe.  Green as in hard.
     Just imagine how hard the rest the tomatoes were that hit me in the head and neck.  They were hard and they hurt!  I saw some girls get nailed and I was one of them.  But I didn't shed any tears.  I tried to aim my throws at this guy who was basically a minor league or a major league baseball player.  He was pitching fast balls, I mean tomatoes, at unsuspecting food fighters.  Unfortunately my aim is terrible and I didn't hit him once, which left him to continue to pelt tomatoes at everyone and anyone.
     I left the mound of tomatoes with some of them still in tact, tons of seeds splattered over my clothes and lots of tomato gunk in my hair.  Hey, maybe this is the hair product I've been searching hair sure feels soft and supple after my shower.  Hmm, interesting.

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