Wednesday, November 16, 2011


     Ok, I wasn't served with a subpoena today by and FBI Special Agent.  But my company was--no worries, the company didn't do anything wrong and will be helping out with an investigation.  Anyway, the really interesting part of this whole "being served" business is that I knew the FBI agent serving the subpoena.  We'd been on a blind date.  A terrible blind date.
     This guy was the 3 Pile Guy.  The guy who picked the skin off of his fingers at our lunch table and when his pile of skin got too big he swept it into his napkin covered lap only to start picking the skin off of his fingers and cuticles again.  He made 3 separate piles of skin on our date and 2 of those, actually maybe all 3, were before our lunch was served.
     I cannot begin to tell you how awkward the whole situation/s was/were...both that lunch and seeing him today, 2 years later in his work capacity, were both pretty bad.  Oh and I had to shake his hand as did the owner of my company.  I need to go wash my hands--so gross!

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