Friday, November 18, 2011


     I saw Venus Williams speak at the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas luncheon today.  She surprised me with her poise and public speaking skills.  Plus, it was great to see so many girls who are Girls Scouts and hear about how many women leaders were former Girl Scouts (lots of US Senators).  It reminded me of my Brownie troop.
     Mom decided not to be my troop's leader.  Instead she was the leader for a troop of girls one year older than me.  It upset me to know that my own mother didn't want to be my troop leader.  But she chose not to be my troop's leader because she didn't want anyone to ever think she was playing favorites towards me.  She wanted me to have my own experience.  This wasn't the first time she'd done something like that.  She'd volunteer at my elementary school library, but never during my class' reading hour.  She'd always come earlier in the morning and help other students in different classes.  I think this was her way of teaching me to be independent and how things won't always be day or handed to you because you know someone.  Whaddaya know, it even though she wasn't my Brownie or Girl Scout troop leader, she served as a great role model.
     Dad gets props too.  I stayed in Girl Scouts after Mom died.  Dad helped me to sell my cookies and get my badges.  I never sold enough cookies to get the trip to Disney Land, but I did sell enough for the prized stuffed animal one year.  I'd go door to door trying to sell the cookies from the extra cases Dad bought (so I could reach the amount of cookies needed to "win" the stuffed animal) with him standing behind me or waiting at the curb lugging the half full case of Samoas.

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